Spas -Băile Olănesti - digestive diseases

     On the National Road 64A, 18 km from Rm.Vâlcea at an altitude of between 430 and 520 m, in a hilly area with deciduous forests find Baile Olanesti, the resort with the most diversed and mineral springs in Romania.
The effects of these healing waters have been mentioned in a document in 1760 and recognized internationally in 1873 after having won the gold medal in Vienna
On the north find Căpătânii Mountains with Buila-Vânturarita National Park and two trails starting from here:
hiking trails  Cheia chalet - Buila-Vânturarita Olănești resort- Plaiul Piatra Tăiată - Saua(saddle) Prislopel - Saua(saddle) La Lac - Curmătura Stogșoare - Cabana(chalet) Cheia
hiking trails Folea Peak - Buila-Vânturarita Olănești resort - Olănești valley- Canton(surveyor's hut} Mânzu - Olănești Canyon - Folea Peak
Natural healing resources:
Sulfurose mineral waters, chlorinated, low iodine, bromine, sodium, calcium, magnesium - oligo, hypotonic, isotonic;
Bioclimate sparing sedative.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Uriunare tract and kidney diseases, digestive diseases , nutritional and metabolic diseases, dermatological diseases.
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Spas - Călimanesti-Căciulata - digestive diseases
Natural healing resources:

Sulfurose mineral waters, chloride, bromide, sodium, calcium, magnesium, most hypotonic;
Bioclimate sparing sedative.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Diseases of the digestive appliance, nutritional and metabolic diseases, associated diseases (gynecological, dermatological, cardivascular, fatigue diseases), occupational diseases.

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