Spas - Govora - Respiratory diseases

    On the way national DN67 Ramnicu-Valcea, Targu Jiu Horezu after passing Ocnele Mari meet Govora city, places full of history and blessed with healing waters.
Mineral waters have been used for therapeutic purposes in 1879 at Zorileanu military doctor and Govora resort officially opened in 1910 when the Palace Hotel was inaugurated.
In the vicinity of the town meet Govora Monastery and famous monasteries in the region of Oltenia: Surpatele,Dintr-un Lemn, Hurezi, Bistrita.
Natural healing resources:
Chlorine-sodium mineral water, iodine, bromine, sulfur, low bicarbonate, hypotonic;
Mud supplied from Ocnele Mari;
Bioclimate sparing.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
ENT disorders (sinusitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis), respiratory diseases, degenerative rheumatic diseases.

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Spas - Praid - Respiratory diseases

Natural healing resources:
Salina specific microclimate depth;
Climate ozone incentive;
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis.

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Spas - Slănic Moldova - Respiratory diseases

Natural healing resources:
Microclimate of saline (salt Tg.Ocna)
Carbonated mineral water slightly sulphurous, clorulate, bicarbonate, hypertonic, hypotonic or oligo.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Respiratory tract diseases, digestive diseases, hepatobiliary, kidney and urinary tract, peripheral neurological disorders, rheumatic diseases.

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Spas - Slanic Prahova - Respiratory diseases

Lost among the hills of the Carpathian Prahova Prahova Slanic resort is famous because of the therapeutic virtues of the salty lakes called "Bath - Baia"(Baia Baciului, Baia Verde, Baia Rosie) and famous salt mines deep "Unirea"
Natural healing resources:
Salina specific microclimate depth;
Climate ozone sparing;
The seven salt lakes;
Minerales mud rich in organic matter substances.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Respiratory diseases, rheumatism, chronic gynecological.               

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