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Located at the foot of the Gurghiu mountains at an altitude of 475- 600 Mr., is surrounded of wooded hills. Known for salted lakes, and their therapeutic value, of which most important is the lake Ursu (Bear).
Formed in 1875, this lake is single in Europe and one of the largest salted lakes héliothèrmes of the world. Because of the phenomenon heliothermic the temperature of water increases quickly with the depth: during the summer the temperature of water arrives until 30° - 40°C at a depth of 1 m., 40° - 50°C at a depth of 1,5 m., and it can reach 60°C at a depth of 2 m.. Here one treats successfully the rheumatic and ginecologic diseases (sterility)

Possibilities offered in the station:
Treatment during all the year - in summer the bathe in salted water, of the excursions to the surroundings to visit the lakes and the mountains of salt, of the walks in the medium of nature, the practice of the sports of summer (tennis, stroke, cycling).
-In winter, there are possibilities to practise winter sports: ski, ski-bottom on the track located meadows of the station (to 6 km) equipped with a teléski.

The visit of the famous places any meadows of the station:
the saltworks Praid (6 km.);
- Corund, popular bazaar of art (12 km.)
- the lake Rosu (Red)-75 km;

Accommodation offers


Vila Maria ***


Hotel Alunis ***
Kulcsár Zoltan & Anna-Maria - rooms to be rented in one, house into clean. The address: Sovata-Bãi, Str. Bradului Nr.10 A, Jud. Wall, Cod 3299. For the reservation or additional renseigniments you can telephone with the number: 0744/174274;
Six rooms, twelve places:
-a room with a private bathroom
-five rooms with the common bathroom
Located in the station Sovata Bãi in the central zone (with almost 400m of the lake Ursu);
Central heating with the gas, cold and hot running water all the time;
In the court there is the possibility for the grid, carpark .

"You are welcome during any time of the year. You can pass there from the holidays, one weekend or the traditional festivals in a pleasant and unforgettable manner " - Kulcsár Zoltan.
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