Spas - Băile Felix - Rheumatic diseases

     Băile Felix is located in western Romania, on DN 76 Deva-Beius-Oradea, only 9 km. the city of Oradea.
Natural healing resources:
Thermal mineral waters bicarbonate, sulfate, calcium, sodium;
Fossil mud.
Hot water temperature is between 20-49 degrees and is a resort with continuous operation, ranked II - as Ref. accommodations.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
inflammatory rheumatic diseases, degenerative

Felix Strand swimming pools for adults and children.
Bath Apllo - open public beach, regardless of season or holidays, has indoor and outdoor pools;
Sights: Lake with water lilies and lotus in the resort;
Accommodation Offers:

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Spas - Herculane - Rheumatic Diseases

     Herculane resort is located in southwestern Romania, Caras-Severin and Cerna river valley in the vicinity-Cerna Valley National Park - Domogled.
It is crossed by main road 67 D Herculane - Tg. Jiu, the route DN 6 ( E70 ) Bucharest Timisoara takes place at a distance of 5 km from the resort.
Natural healing resources:
Thermal mineral waters chlorine bicarbonate, slightly sulphurous;
Thermal mineral waters chlorine bicarbonate, calcium;
Thermal mineral waters bicarbonate chlorine, bromine, iodine and sulfur;
Negative air ionization.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Rheumatic diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous system (paresis, paralysis}, chronic respiratory diseases.

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Spas - Amara - Rheumatic Diseases

Natural healing resources:
Amara Lake 4 km length and a width of 200-800 m.
Magnesium sulphate and sodium chloride dissolved in large quantity, gives the bitter taste of the lake water;
therapeutic mud
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Degenerative rheumatic diseases, inflammatory, post-traumatic sequelae, gynecological (sterility).

Spas - Lacul Sărat (Salt Lake) - Rheumatic Diseases
Natural healing resources::
Mineral water chlorine, sulphate, magnesium Lake;
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Rheumatic diseases, sequelae after trauma, peripheral neurological disorders.

Spas - Eforie Nord - Rheumatic diseases

Natural healing resources::
Black Sea Water ;
Concentrated salt water and the sapropelic mud from the Techirghiol Lake
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Inflammatory rheumatic diseases, degenerative diseases, gynecological, dermatological diseases, respiratory diseases

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Spas - Saturn - Rheumatic diseases
Natural healing resources:
The sapropelic mud from the Techirghiol Lake
Bioclimate rich marine salt aerosols and solar radiation.
Therapeutic prescriptions:
Rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, metabolic, gynecological

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