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Vedere Castelul Bran

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Well brought up wooden in 1212 by the German Teutonic knight Dietrich and rebuilt stone between 1377 - 1380. At the end of The XVth century the king Vladislav sold the castle to the inhabitants of Brasov. In 1878 the Austria - Hungarian state took it in military purposes(goals). The city of Brasov has the chateau ofert has the queen Maria as residence of summer. Today it shelters(hosts) a museum of art feudal (weapon and furniture of epoch, trophies of hunt.

   By attracting the Romanian and foreign tourists thanks to the myth of Dracula, has the beaute of landscapes and in traditions the region Bran - Moeciu knew big one development of the country tourism of Romania after 1990.
    Usages and traditions

  • April 25th - the measure of the milk: they choose the best stockbreeder (of stock);
  • in May - the departure of the sheep has the mountain;
  • June 24th - the summer Olympics of Sirnea
  • July 20th - The saint Ilie
  • July 25+26 - the summer fair of Moeciu
  • 9 aout - the fair of Pantelimon, Bran
  • august - the fete mountains of Fundata
  • October 25th. - late Sumedru
  • octombrie - they choose the best stockbreeder (of stock), Bran
  • Nov 8th. - the fair of the saints Arhanges Mihai and Gavril, Bran

    The Eastern Carpathians - Bucovina, Churches and Monasteries Romania - Naturally's sight The Hasmas National Park : The Red Lake, The Bicaz Canyon
    Bucovina Bicaz Canyon

    The queen Maria is dead on July 18th, 1938 in the villige Pelisor. In accordance with predictions of her wish shes body was buried at Court of Arges, and the heart was put in her foundation "Srella husband" of Balcic.
    Afterwards the cession of Cadrilater has Bulgaria the heart of the queen Maria was removal in alcove of a rock meadows of the church of Bran for to bee brought in March, 1971 in heritage of the National Museum of history of Romania.
     Locasul unde a fost depusa inima Reginei Maria Cheile Grădistei-Moeciu de Sus
    We leave the highway DN 73 at Moeciu de Jos, by turning right, we cross the village of Cheia, Cheile Grădistei then we arrive at Moeciu de Sus From here we continue the road on the Valley of Bângăleasa where from we can choose one of the itineraries towards the massif of Bucegi:
       Towards chalet Padina has foible the Valley Prăvalelor -
    Spre Vf. Omul prin Coltii Tapului cca 7 ore
    Towards the top of Omul has foible Coltii Tapului almost 7 hours  
    Towards saua Strunga has foible the Valley Prăvalelor
    The monument of shepherd
         Towards the village of Pestera they meet the monument devoted to the stockbreeders of sheep under which is written a fragment of the legend of Bran
    Bio - geological reservation "La Chisătoare"
    Sediments of carbonate of calcium in the form of travertin favoured by the pulverization of the water caused(provoked) by the waterfall
    Landscape Landscape village Pestera
        Unfortunately our incursion towards the village of Pestera was interrupted leave it signs of disadvantageous time.
    Nature Reserve geological model which has almost 30 ha., being trained by the eruptions of gas from the earth, leading to the surface of the mud and water. Bran accommodation offer
    Muddy Volcanoes Bran

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